Robert and Bridget Guy Jenkins in Your Family Tree?

Slide13I am looking for anyone who has Robert Jenkins and/or Bridget Guy Jenkins in their family tree. I am a twig that sprang from the Jenkins Tree. My ancestor is Oliver Jenkins, son of Henry Jenkins of St. Mary and/or Iberia Parish, Louisiana. Henry’s parents are listed as Robert and Bridget. The problem is that I can find Bridget on federal census pages 1880 – 1910 in Patoutville and Jeanerette, but I can only find Oliver from 1900 onward and can only find Henry beginning in 1900 after he married his second or third wife Mary Mathieu. I have never found Robert on any census listing, Louisiana or Texas. And, Bridget is not listed until 1880.

I think Henry had several siblings: Caroline Jenkins Epps Withers Hope, Dora Jenkins Robertson, Louis Jenkins, Stephen Jenkins and Armistead Jenkins. I’ve been trying to piece together who were Henry’s children. This I believe is complicated because I believe his first two wives may have died young and Henry and children may have been living in separate households. I believe his children with his first wife were: Victoria, Oliver, Simon Felix, Louisa and Henry. Henry had a number of childen with Mary Mathieu (Matthews).

The Jenkins family lived in St. Mary Parish and/or Jeanerette, Iberia Parish, Louisiana. If any of the above names fit on your family tree, then we are kin!