Got a Library Card, Check Out the Chicago Defender Newspaper

Reached at dead end in tracing your African American family–one census year they were in Texas and then the entire family seemed to disappear? Maybe they moved north in search of better jobs, education or just a chance to start over again. Many people kept track of what family members were doing by reading and submitting articles to the African American newspaper, the Chicago Defender. There were regular features on the happenings in distant states. I found an article about my grandfather being on program in his church in Louisiana in 1932! That was indeed a sweet find. See where your relatives may have gone and what they may have been up to. Use that library card, sign in and read for yourself. Articles from 1910 – 1975.

Houston Library
LSU Library – Proquest Historical Newspapers: Chicago Defender
Proquest Historical Newspapers


Author: Faye Hayes

I started my genealogy journey looking for anyone who had Robert Jenkins and Bridget Guy on their family tree. Almost immediately, 2 unknown cousins connected via e-mail and began sharing stories. It became clear that we knew a few things about the Jenkins branch of our family tree and knew almost nothing about our Smith branch. This blog will share information of my search for Jenkins, Guy, Smith and now Phillips, Torney and Watts people on the branches of my family tree--Maryland to Louisiana!

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